Badger Cull a Shambles – well there’s a surprise!

The Western Morning News reports that shooters involved in the badger cull in Somerset are failing to kill anything like the numbers of badgers required to fulfil their quotas and DEFRA is in denial.

Mark Jones, veterinarian and Executive Director of Humane Society International/UK gave the following reaction: “The vast majority of shooting appears to be taking place without any monitoring whatsoever, only a fraction of badger carcasses are being collected for examination, the extreme suffering of wounded badgers who will die slowly underground is unmeasurable and nobody outside of DEFRA’s internal team has been allowed to examine or question its methods. With this level of unjustified animal suffering, DEFRA must not be allowed to stick two fingers up at transparency and get away with it.”

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Mark Avery’s blog on this subject is worth reading.

A new puppy and loads of work are keeping me from the countryside. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have some new images to share.


Government rejects recommendations to save bees from pesticides

In its response, published today, the Government misrepresents its own science in deciding not to implement recommendations to save pollinators from neonicotinoid pesticides.

In March, following extensive evidence gathering, the Environmental Audit Committee published its ‘Pollinators and Pesticides’ report, concluding that neonicotinoids are having an “especially deleterious impact on insect pollinators”. However, Government has decided that it:-

  • Will not improve the transparency of the regulatory process so that studies done by pesticide companies are in the public domain, stating that “the cost of publishing this information, even on the internet, would be substantial”.
  • Will not raise the UK’s environmental protection standards by including other pollinators in the national risk assessment process.
  • Will not ban all amenity and garden use of neonicotinoids.
  • Will not set up a pollinator monitoring scheme – although this is not ruled out for the future.

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Happy as a pig in acorns: Nature ‘fights back’ with a bumper wild-fruit crop, the reward for enduring last year’s heavy rain

Hundreds of pigs will begin feasting on fallen acorns in the New Forest tomorrow as the ancient pannage season kicks off for another year.

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