Government rejects recommendations to save bees from pesticides

In its response, published today, the Government misrepresents its own science in deciding not to implement recommendations to save pollinators from neonicotinoid pesticides.

In March, following extensive evidence gathering, the Environmental Audit Committee published its ‘Pollinators and Pesticides’ report, concluding that neonicotinoids are having an “especially deleterious impact on insect pollinators”. However, Government has decided that it:-

  • Will not improve the transparency of the regulatory process so that studies done by pesticide companies are in the public domain, stating that “the cost of publishing this information, even on the internet, would be substantial”.
  • Will not raise the UK’s environmental protection standards by including other pollinators in the national risk assessment process.
  • Will not ban all amenity and garden use of neonicotinoids.
  • Will not set up a pollinator monitoring scheme – although this is not ruled out for the future.

Read the full article at Buglife

More information at Wildlife Extra


Author: Hares on the Hill

I am a designer and photographer. I live with my wife and our two dogs in the Welsh Marches, a land full of history, legends, mountains, rivers and dragon's breath; a place where animism thrives. To our north are the Cambrian Mountains, the Elenydd, a vast plateau so ancient that its mountains now have the appearance of steeply rounded moorland hills; to the east is England; to the south stand the Black Mountains and in the west the Brecon Beacons rise around the twin summits of Pen y Fan and Corn Du, the highest mountain in West Wales.

3 thoughts on “Government rejects recommendations to save bees from pesticides”

  1. All four bullet points listed, appear to value the importance of profiteering by big conglomerates over long-term damage to the environment. I need to read up on this, as I though the government were seemingly going to do all they could in this desperate situation. Yes, the farmers might struggle to manage their crops effectively over the next two years but even they wouldn’t want to kill every bumble bee, hoverfly etc. on their land. Utter nonsense from the politicians once again.

  2. The governments’ farming, planning and environmental policies puts the lie to all of Cameron’s assurances about this being the greenest government ever. They are absolutely clueless when it comes to balanced environmental policy. I keep telling myself that they can’t do too much more damage before the next election but I have absolutely no confidence in either of the other parties to do a better job.

  3. Very true, just who can we really trust to get the job done? I often don’t wish to bring politics into debates such as these, but in this case, I feel we could be heading towards a very slippery slope. Also, I do admire some of the things, the government is bringing to the table under CAP reform and certain other areas but why do they insist on toadying to big business and just where, do their vested interests lie. Moving on now though, I’ll have look to see what other delights you have posted.

    Thanks again.


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