Two Grebe Chicks Hatched

We went back, last week, to see how the Grebes were doing and to check on the eggs. To our surprise and delight two of the four eggs had hatched and the young were already quite active. You will notice that the parent feeds the chicks with soft, downy, feathers; a quick look in the RSPB Handbook revealed that this may help in the formation of pellets.

Click on the image and you will be able to see the chicks.

There is another batch of images of the parents swapping over at the nest which I will post later.

Nesting-Grebe-1-2 Nesting-Grebe-4Nesting-Grebe-3Nesting-Grebe-2







Nesting Grebe


One of the sure signs that summer is here: a nesting grebe with at least four eggs. The hide log reported that they had started nest building on the 28th of April so we can expect babies toward the end of May.