A New Law of Ecocide Required


In December 2015 we want at least one of the 122 countries who are signed up to the Treaty of Rome to table an amendment, a proposed addition, a 5th international crime to this statute (4 already exist: Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes, Crimes of Aggression). This would mean that corporations, countries, politicians, government ministers and even individuals would have a duty of care to not commit or allow Ecocide to be committed and thus give the long needed protection to the planet we live on.

Those who commit Ecocide in the territory of a state or country can be called to account by the International Criminal Court. An exception to this rule is that the ICC may also have jurisdiction over crimes if its jurisdiction is authorised by the United Nations Security Council.

We, the people, as individuals need to help make this proposed law happen for the future survival of our planet and biosphere before it is too late…
Please visit the http://www.eradicatingecocide.com website to see the many ways you can be part of enacting this law.