I have come back to my trees, thank you.



The Welsh phrase “dod yn ôl at fy nghoed” meaning “to return to a balanced state of mind”, literally means “to return to my trees”. Or more fully “Dwi wedi dod yn ôl at fy nghoed.”  translate as “I have returned to my senses/regained my mental equilibrium.” Literally: “I have come back to my tree/s.”

We all need a tree place.

Robert Macfarlane on twitter

Ceri Shaw – americymru.net


Author: Hares on the Hill

I am a designer and photographer. I live with my wife and our two dogs in the Welsh Marches, a land full of history, legends, mountains, rivers and dragon's breath; a place where animism thrives. To our north are the Cambrian Mountains, the Elenydd, a vast plateau so ancient that its mountains now have the appearance of steeply rounded moorland hills; to the east is England; to the south stand the Black Mountains and in the west the Brecon Beacons rise around the twin summits of Pen y Fan and Corn Du, the highest mountain in West Wales.

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