We divide our time between earning a living and devoting whatever free time we have to exploring and photographing the natural landscape. We live in the Welsh Marches (on the Welsh side) with our two dogs. If we are out with cameras then the dogs (a labrador and a fell terrier) come too, so photographing anything shy is difficult without a long telephoto lens and if it is tiny and one of us is trying to use a macro lens, one of the dogs is sure to come over to see what’s going on – in case it might be: (a) edible or (b) a new game. The handsome beast in front is Willow, who sadly died earlier this year, and the furry little face on the right is Millie. We have a young labrador now called Sam but I haven’t the heart to change the picture just yet.


If you work for, or know of, a local wildlife charity in need of some free photography we would be very interested in contributing. Use this form to get in touch.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’ve just happened upon your blog (from the UK&ENHB website) and was impressed. I’m a follower now and looking forward to your future posts. You asked for feedback on your photos: I’m not a pro photographer so can’t really comment technically but they look excellent to me so far. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Hi,
    I just noticed that cameraconnect is one of only four blogs you follow. Just like to say thanks and we’re privileged here at CCHQ that we’re good enough to be part of a select few.

    We’re always looking for photographs to use in technique articles. We’ll happily link to your site if you wanted to donate any of your wonderful images.

    Best regards

  3. Hello, how lovely to meet you.
    Understand completely. We are never anywhere without an Airedale.
    She is the light of our lives and we wouldn’t have it any other way~

  4. Hi there, love your photographs! I have the same problem with my Mutley dog… whenever I’m out with my camera she is always with me and invariably spots the birds & squirrels before I do and chases them off! Couldn’t go without her though, it wouldn’t feel right! 🙂

    1. Hello, pleased that you like the photographs. Our two have got it sussed now. If we want them to be still and quiet they have to be bought with biscuits. If we ignore them, the grumbling starts and ramps up the longer they are ignored. A biscuit each buys their silence for about 5-10 minutes. Mugged by our own dogs!

      1. Heh heh mine just stands in front of my camera if I take too long… she wouldn’t be bought with biscuits but maybe some cocktail sausages would do the trick!

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