The Devastation of the Eastern Highlands


‘A savaged, stripped, blasted land.’ is how Chris Townsend describes parts of the Scottish Highlands, devastated by the shooting industry in an article in The Great Outdoors magazine.

If you have a spare couple of minutes please read the article and if you are minded to, sign the petition.

“Grouse shooting has become an issue due to the strange coincidence that the areas where raptors are rare or non-existent happen to be the same as grouse moors – though of course the estates protest that this is nothing to do with them and they love raptors. In England there is now a petition calling for driven grouse shooting to be banned in order to protect hen harriers. The petition says ‘intensive management of upland areas for the ‘sport’ of grouse shooting has led to the near-extinction of the protected Hen Harrier in England, as well as increased risk of flooding, discolouration of drinking water, degradation of peatbogs and impacts on other wildlife.’” © Chris Townsend

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